Honey, a thick golden liquid produced by industrious bees, is made using the nectar of flowering plants and saved inside the beehive for eating during times of scarcity. The flavour of particular honey will vary based on the types of flower from which the nectar was harvested. 

Honey is much more than just a sweetener. It provides the head-to-toe remedy which heals and benefits our body in so many specific ways. Most of these remedies are handed down from generations to generations and have been proven and endorsed by scientists through ages.


  1. Honey for Clear Skin

Honey is packed with components that are beneficial for your skin. It is considered to be ideal for treating the skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. Honey speeds up the healing process and reduces inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help prevent skin infections, reduce redness and swelling, accelerate the healing of scars and lighten scar marks when applied over time. It is also a natural exfoliator that means applying honey on your face takes off dry, dull skin and reveals new skin cells underneath.

  1. Boosts Brain Function

Honey is often praised as the optimum fuel for the brain to prevent metabolic stress and achieve restful sleep, which in turn is critical for our cognitive growth and memory enhancement. These claims are backed up by more recent data and study as well. Studies have shown that the polyphenol properties of honey can counter oxidative stress and restore our cellular antioxidant defense mechanism. Also, an Argentine study showed that it helped in building and developing the central nervous system and could reduce anxiety and enhance their intellectual performance later in life. 

  1. Relieves cold and cough symptoms

The World Health Organization recommends and recognizes honey as a natural cough remedy. A 2007 study by Penn State college of Medicine suggested that honey reduced night time coughing and improved the quality of sleep in children with upper respiratory infection to a greater degree. Honey has antibacterial properties and can help coat the throat, alleviating irritation. Honey, used in hot water or tea has been used as a substitute for antibiotics in fighting stubborn ear, nose and throat infections. Study shows that ordinary honey kills bacteria that causes sinus infections as well.

  1. Preventing Acid Reflux

Acidity is caused due to excess production of acid by gastric glands which in turn make one experience backflow of acid in their esophagus. Honey being the powerhouse of enzymes and minerals can play an important role in controlling acid reflux by removing the free radicals. It also reduces inflammation on the food pipe. Adding one table spoonful of honey and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to 8 ounces of water and drinking it before every meal shall help relieve the acid reflux problem. 

  1. Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Study published by the Scientific World Journal, 2008 pointed to honey as a cholesterol fighter. The results showed that honey not only caused a reduction in body weight and body fat but also reduced total cholesterol. The study concluded that honey could reduce cardiovascular risk factors in obese patient with elevated risk factors. The main antioxidant in honey, floral-flavones are able to exert powerful influences on our body by improving the fat metabolism and disposing of undesirable cholesterol.